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Labrador Retriever

Type: Dog

Species: Dog

Age: Young

Gender: Female

Coat: Short

Size: Medium

Breed: Labrador Retriever Rottweiler

Mixed: Yes

Unknown: No

Colour: Tricolor (Brown, Black, & White)

Spayed/Neutered: No

House Trained: No

Declawed: No

SpecialNeeds: No

Shots Current: Yes

Children: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Meet Star, Max, and Chloe! These 3 absolutely beautiful and handsome siblings are looking for their forever homes. Born in August 2023. They all have the same personality ,they are all shy but warm up really fast when in a home, they are so loving with humans and just want to cuddle with you, they love dogs and cats and if you have kids they are so gentle and just love being around children. The type of home that we are looking for them is a home where they can be inside with you and cuddle, if you have other pets that would be great as they love to play, if you don’t have kids or other pets that’s fine they will just love being with you,a home where they will get to go camping if you camp or just go for a ride in a car, and where they will get to go for walks.they are still working on house training and they do walk really good on a leash.

Here is what her Foster for the Holidays says:

It has been 4.5 wonderful weeks fostering miss Chloe. She went from a really shy, timid, not sure if she should trust you personality and has grown into such a lovable, funny, playful puppy! It is amazing how much they change and grow and show their true Color’s in a home setting! She would
Run away from you if you made to fast if a move towards her, but she DOES come around and when she does, she’s the biggest sweetheart!

She is still amazing with my kitty eeyore and her and my dog Mel have become pretty good friends, they had got a long since day 1! (Although I think he’s kinda mad at me some days, especially when Chloe is like the annoying little sister and crawls all
Over him to snuggle or play )

We worked hard on the house training and she has had zero
Accidents for several days now! Whooohoo!! She also does awesome in a kennel at bedtime and in the day while at work. Keep in mind she’s still a puppy so 8
Hours or so is not ideal quite yet!

We do believe Chloe would be best as an indoor dog! She’s a princess and enjoys the couch and warmth and belly rubs so much! She thinks the snow is really fun and cool, but always happy to come back inside!

We love her and her squishy chubby face, and whoever adopts this girl is one lucky
Family, and she is honestly such a good pup!

Update: Also known as “Chloe bear, chub nub, and boo boo!”
We took Chloe home to foster for the holidays on December 18th and still have her! She is THAT easy and good so decided to hang on to her until she finds her forever family! She is an absolute sweetheart. When we first brought her home she was very scared and unsure of any human except for our doggie Mel, who she attached to immediately. As of today, she’s is constantly by my side and gives me all the love and kisses and snuggles. She is fully potty trained and kennel trained. Gets along with other animals (cats and dogs!) she isn’t scared of kids! we leave her out of her kennel at bedtime and has not made a mess at all. She’s just so good.

One thing Chloe needs to work on is walking on a leash. I’m going to try a harness on her as a collar just isn’t working for her! But I know she will get there! She loves to play outside in the fenced yard, she loves her food, and her Chewies and toys! She’s just such a squishy lovable pooch!

Chloe will be spayed before adopted, now that she is over 6 months old.


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