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Type: Dog

Species: Dog

Age: Baby

Gender: Male

Coat: Short

Size: Medium

Breed: Husky Golden Retriever

Mixed: Yes

Unknown: No

Colour: Apricot / Beige (Golden)

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

House Trained: Yes

Declawed: No

SpecialNeeds: No

Shots Current: Yes

Children: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Hello everybody

My name is Mel
I am a young male.I am about 7 to 8 months old… I am a Husky/ golden retriever cross… I have had my first set of vaccinations.. I am looking for the perfect home..I love being around people and would love to lay on your couch I love to cuddle…I would love to go on long walks or go for a run or just go for a drive in your car or truck.

Medical: he is neutered up todate on vaccinations.
Mel we found out has environmental allergies so he was itching a lot,so he is being given Plain Greek Yogurt which has helped so much that he’s stopped itching compeletely!

MEL is not made for a farm life he needs a fenced yard, he loves to go for walks he needs to be inside a home so he can snuggle with his family… if you are interested in giving this handsome young boy a forever home and not worried about sharing your yogurt with him please fill out an application.

Here is more about Mel from his foster family:

We are fostering precious Mel and brought him home few days ago to stay with us for a little bit, and how we got lucky with another amazing foster dog is beyond me. This boy in so incredibly sweet and calm for being a pup! He’s absolutely stunning. He does AMAZING with kids and cats and my cat eeyore is not even a little bit threatened by him. He does awesome in “loud and hyper” environments, as we had him around my kids and niece and nephew (young kids) and did wonderful. He really just wants to be around people and get all all the belly rubs! He loves belly rubs!!! His leg just gets going when you rub his belly! It’s too cute! He also LOVES to be outside , I think it’s his favorite place. We don’t have a fence, but when we tie him up on a rope off our deck he does so well, today he napped on my deck. He goes to bed like dream, without a kennel and is a fantastic walker on a leash! He also does amazing with other dogs! I brought him over to my sisters house to meet her dog, and they played and ran and wrestled with no aggression! He has no idea what to do with toys lol trying to get him to play with toys but he likes Chewies!
He wants to tag along everywhere you go and seems to travel great in the car too! He really jusy wants to be around his people all the time and be loved on, which means he doesn’t like to he alone or left behind for too long but I think he will get used it quite quickly. hes such a sweetheart and literally
SMiles. We adore him! I would love to
See this boy go to an amazing home, I think he would do well with a family with other animals, a couple, or a singe person he just is an easy going guy!


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