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About Us



To work in and with our community and surrounding area to provide leadership in the humane treatment of all companion animals, to encourage people to take responsibility for their animal companions and to provide care and find  forever homes for animals who are neglected, abused, exploited or homeless.


The Humboldt and District SPCA leads the community in elevating peoples' beliefs, attitudes and behaviours to enhance the quality of life for companion animals through education of the public and finding good forever homes for abandoned companion animals.

Core Values

  • Respect and fairness for animals through compassion, dignity, and humane treatment.
  • Put an end to suffering of companion animals through public education.
  • Honesty, trust, commitment, integrity, and professionalism are exhibited by our staff, management, volunteers and the Board, in every situation.
  • Prudence and diligence through dedication, professional leadership, rational decision-making and fiscal responsibility. Partnerships and teamwork through cooperation and collaboration.

Board Members

Janice Weber - President/Animal Care

Leah Schlitz -  Vice President

Joanne Koski - Secretary / HR

Laurie Warford - Treasurer / HR

Shannon Worobec - Fundraising Coordinator

Crystal Clarke - Volunteer Coordinator

Jayson Kinchen - Board Member

Karen Branton - Board Member

Terry Bauer - Board Member

The success of the SPCA relies on the kind support of our community. As we roll into the new year, we want to recognize the wonderful people in our area who helped keep us afloat in 2022:
  • All of the local businesses who held fundraisers in support of our SPCA.

  • Gary Bauer, Al Moison, Grant Murray, Don Schlacter, Watson School (Curtis Busch) and Muenster School (Joel Taphorn) for constructing warm dog houses.

  • Jason Schlacter and Brett Bieber for donating their time to complete the needed repairs to our building and to Home Hardware for supplying the materials at cost.

  • Carol Streeton for her significant will bequest to our organization

  • The families who are fostering animals over Christmas

  • To the Beverly Seiffert family for choosing the SPCA memorial donations

  • To everyone who made individual donations to our organization and to those who purchase memberships

Special recognition to those who help us year round:
  • Master Feeds and Pet Value for donating pet food

  • Humboldt Co-op and Saskatoon Walmart for collecting food donations for our animals

  • All the businesses and individuals who donated items for our fundraisers

  • The people who bring us their recycling to cash in at Sarcan

  • To the dog walkers and volunteers who lend a hand looking after the animals

  • To everyone who has given a rescued animal a forever home

  • And most of all to our dedicated staff for often going beyond to give these rescued animals attention and care.


We rely on Humboldt and the surrounding communities to keep this non-profit organization viable and are so appreciative of all your contributions – big or small. Your big hearts allow us to be here for our animal friends.

- Humboldt SPCA board


Helping Those Who Cannont Help Themselves.